Artist Statement

David J. Drakulich was an expressive artist, he created powerful two dimensional works. He explored the human form, human emotions, religion, written language, land forms and cityscapes. David was drawn to painting at an early age, and is responsible for a large body of work that includes drawings, sketches, paintings and a few explorations into sculpture. David seemed to paint as a means of self discovery and communication. He was honest and unscreened in his approach and he looked deeply into the psychology of his social environment, much of his discoveries are imbedded in his work.

David experimented with several mediums and found favor in acrylic and oil pastel. He rarely had a budget for art materials and often used scraps from building projects for canvases. He used layers and textures as an additional means of expression. Many paintings have mysterious images that partially remain from previous layers. He often used heavy and distinct lines to instill images into a field of bold color and texture. Many of David’s works contain words or letters pointedly chosen to highlight the intended content.

David died at the age of 22, struck by an I.E.D. in Afghanistan, he left a legacy that includes over three hundred works. His ongoing work, now by proxy, is the David J. Drakulich Art Foundation: For Freedom of Expression. Friends and family joined to create this organization that helps veterans, active service members and gold star families and memorializes David for what he had been know for, art. Hence the vision statement, Art Heals War Wounds, has been created and now guides the foundation’s activities.